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Sorna Valli Tech

Sorna Valli Tech is a company based in Chennai, India. We have our presence in different categories and we are striving hard to make our presence felt in many other different categories as well. We have a policy of quality first. The quality is achieved by a team of great people working day and night to meet the quality expectations of the people and also to meet the quality standards set by our company. With many years of experience under our belt and with a good policy, our company has become a major brand.

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Below is a list of some of the services offered by our company.

Web Services

Sorna Valli Tech is vastly experienced when it comes to web related services. This is a major and core product of our company.

Mosquito Nets

Sorna Valli Nets is a leading brand when it comes to mosquito net fixing services. Our material and fixing work is of utmost quality.

Employment Portal

Jobs Micro is a platform which benefits both the employers and the candidates in the pursuit for job requirements.

Print Accessories

R Info Solutions deals in accessories for print category. Also dealing in spares supply for print category.

IT Hardware Services

High Tech Point, Tech Point and Lap Solutions deals in the services of many hardware devices of multiple brands all over the city. 


Many future projects is in early stages and work is in progress. We want to make sure to have a foothold in many categories.


Below are some of the portfolios which comes under the parent company of Sorna Valli Tech.


Some of the highlights of our company which has propelled the company to a greater level of heights.

sorna valli tech
sorna valli tech
sorna valli tech

Our Team

We have a very good team which is the backbone of our company. With thorough knowledge and experience we are very well equipped to take the company forward.



Rani Mehta



Senior Lead




If you have any queries contact us. Our team will be always there to help you.